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It’s not that I’m not enjoying
the soft fruit of your kiss
the luscious suck of lower lip
It’s just that I hunger for harder

I hope you’ve enjoyed my series of Posts this week focusing on erotic poetry. Perhaps something has inspired you to try penning your own, or you’ve discovered new authors through some of the erotic poetry I’ve featured, such as Adrienne Rich and Sappho. I’d love to hear from you with what you liked, or how any of my posts this week inspired you.

A poem can start with the smallest of ideas: an image in your mind on the edge of sleep, watching a petal drop from a flower, or a phrase mid-conversation.

This one started in a conversation with my partner, as we were assessing whether our bananas were ripe enough to add to breakfast. It got me thinking that yes, although most fruit is better when soft and ripe, with some fruit the opposite is the case.

Perhaps by then, I wasn’t really thinking about bananas.

So, diligent writer that I am, as soon as I had a moment I hastily sketched an image of a pear in my notebook, and wrote the words: “Some varieties of fruit are better consumed hard.” Like many of my ideas, I had no idea what would become of it at the time. Perhaps a female character would suggestively say it to her male lover at the right heated moment in a short story. Perhaps it would just stay in my notebook and rot.

And then, I let time mature, and (pardon the pun), ripen the idea, until a few months later, after meeting up with a few other erotica writers for drinks, the poem emerged later that night at home. It seemed to be a fusion of my first idea and the conversation that night around fruit as sexual metaphors. And – other things.

Creative process, like fruit, sometimes needs time to reach that point where a more complete idea is ripe for the plucking.

So once again, I’m delighted to be a Featured Writer with erotica publishers Little Raven, with my poem Best Enjoyed HardFor your delectation …

Please Pick the Pear

Best Enjoyed Hard

Best Enjoyed Hard

Thanks for reading – would love to hear your thoughts. How did it make you feel? Did it remind you of a time when … ? Did you love or hate the imagery? Did it make you want to go and eat … fruit? Or write an erotic poem to your amour? Whisper in my virtual ear …