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Let me introduce you to one of the most creative, diverse and downright stimulating online erotica sites around – welcome to ERWA. Short for Erotica Readers and Writer’s Association, this hothouse of erotica authors and erotica appreciators has been going since 1996. They’re more than a little bit discerning there, which is perhaps why they call their erotica site a ‘Gallery’. Also, the stories enjoy a ‘season’ of publication, then are taken down and replaced by new works. Much like the cycle of exhibiitons in an art Gallery.

The Association also offers an online forum of story submission and critique amongst an amazingly talented and supportive group of writers; many writing in other genres as well, and from all levels of experience. This is where the stories are selected from for the ‘Gallery” by guest editors on the site.

I first stumbled across this site two years ago, just as i was starting to generate more erotic material, but had little idea what to do with it. So I submitted my first piece for critique, and that very same month the piece was selected for the Gallery, much to my surprise. I’ve found the camaraderie, humour, expertise, encouragement and dialogue there to be – well – invaluable. And addictive. ERWA has assisted me in developing my skills as a story-teller and a critiquer, and given me faith that my work was of a publishable standard right from my first splashes in the deep end of the erotica genre. Additionally, I’ve had the privilege to read some incredible stories, dialogue with other authors, and see work as it progressed through different stages, and this can really help one’s own writing.

I’m thrilled to have two stories and a poem in the first Gallery for 2015. I’ll be sharing the links here for you to read. The first is a wicked little piece called Under My Cape.

Please note this piece has explicit sexual content which may offend some readers. There are themes of BDSM, enforced exposure, restraint, public sex, and more. So don’t say I didn’t warn you… If however, you’re curious to read more – please click on the picture below to see what’s under my cape … 

Image : Jessica Tremp

Image : Jessica Tremp

Red Riding Hood knew the woods were a wild and untamed place. But she entered them, all the same.

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Wishing everyone out there in the big wide Blogosphere a magical, luscious & creative start to 2015. May it be filled with fresh energy and fresh ideas …