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So this is what he meant by a challenge of submission.

I’m standing in this cage. In the centre of a fetish club dance floor. In a leopard-skin corselet. It could look like I planned this, but I didn’t. …

“Dance for me.”


Thrilled to have my short story “Dance for Me” selected to feature in ERWA’s Gallery of erotica for the first quarter of 2015  (January – March).

I really enjoyed writing an erotica story around the act of dancing for someone, as I’ve loved dancing ever since I was very young. There’s a real challenge in translating such a deeply physical act into words and imagery.

Dancing can be such an art of erotic and sexual expression – for oneself but also for others. Some of this story is autobiographical; some of it is fiction, and the thrill of writing stories sometimes is the fascinating way the creative mind functions. In the flow of the writing itself, fact and fiction become fused in surprising ways – even to the author. I find myself writing huge chunks, then stopping and looking back in surprise at how effortlessly my brain has woven elements of both together. Occasionally, choices are conscious (to preserve anonymity of real-life people I might turn into characters, for example), but it’s amazing how much the creative brain simply ‘takes care of’ in the act of writing. I don’t know how many other writers experience this – but it certainly makes me wonder how many of Anails Nin’s erotic scenarios were a least based on things she actually experienced. (if so – what an incredibly erotic life she led!)

So – to read my story – unlock the cage and step inside with me …

(UPDATE: ERWA rotates its showcase of of fiction seasonally i.e. every 3 months, so this story is no longer availabe there to read – however I’ve updated the link in the picture to take you to an excerpt. The complete story is going to be part of an erotica collection I’m currently writing around the themes of exhibitionism & voyeurism – watch out for it!)

Dance for Me