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Only a few days to go till the release of “Licked”, an anthology exploring the theme of oral sex in many different ways. Here’s the casting call, and I’m thrilled to be included (as most of my stories seems to put oral sex centre stage, I think I deserve to be here).



Sit back and enjoy seven lip-smackingly sensual stories of all kinds of oral pleasure. Stories of nostalgia for the taste of a lover, long distance relationships, and revenge. Stories taking in both the distant future and pleasures in the past. Oracles, ranchers and café cooks, all united by their love of using their mouth. And tongue. And fingers, for assistance.

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Edited by Jillian Boyd (Spy Games – Flappers, Jazz and Valentino) Licked is a tribute to the act of oral sex – to the intimacy, trust and the taste of your lover, the scent, the feelings the act invokes in both the giver and receiver. With stories from the likes of Rob Rosen, Jessica Taylor and Dale Cameron Lowry and more, Licked is a sizzling fictional exploration of some of the many ways oral sex can inspire so much more than just a hot flash of arousal.

Come in. Have a taste.

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My story, Wet Satin Plaything is the darker, revenge-themed story in the collection. The premise? A woman breaking free of a sexually compelling, but emotionally abusive relationship, who does something out of character to create the catalyst necessary to leave him. She stages a sexual scene that seems to give her boyfriend more than what he desires, only to turn the tables on him, leaving him freaked out and humiliated.

 I’ll be discussing the stories’ inspiration, my thoughts on oral sex, and more with editor Jillian Boyd in an upcoming post very soon.

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And for those who want a sneak peek of an excerpt of Wet Satin Plaything … come with me.

You can have  the whole anthology, by clicking on the above image.

So get Licked … you know you want to …