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As a writer, I believe one is always an apprentice to the craft.

A published author of numerous short stories, poems and essays, Adrea also offers her services as a Developmental Editor, Creative Writing Consultant anCraft of Writing Bok Pic 2016-04-11d a Copy-Editor.

A trained actor, writing workshop facilitator, and former theatre director, Adrea is fascinated by creative process, and brings a wealth of creative approaches and insights to her work with other authors.

She edits both fiction and non-fiction in her areas of publication and interest. These include but are not limited to: erotica, memoir, poetry, feminist fiction, myth and fairytale-influenced works, writings on female sexuality, erotic horror, science-fiction, and magical realism.

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Language and ideas, once encountered, live inside you, and can effect changes, both subtle and catalytic.

On Writing: Four Compass Points 

Four directions in writing; if you are magnetized towards any of these, then Adrea may be the ‘editing eye’ you require.

1. Words are the breaths that keep the blood of the story pumping. No word should be wasted. Each one is crucial.

2. Writing is like a magician’s trick, accomplishing several things at ocore of creativity imgnce; the reader sees the mechanics of the trick as plot or action, but is also given the magic via imagery and metaphor. Its sleight-of-hand is what creates atmosphere, speaking to the reader’s imagination. The skilled writer-magician knows what to conceal, what to reveal, and the vital relationship between absence and presence on the page.

3. Every writer has a unique voice. A skilled editor will hear and develop the nuances of that voice. 

4. Developmental editing is a dialogue between the writer and the editor, occurring in the world of the story. Its function is to render the world more clearly and viscerally, to the reader, but also to you, the writer.

Art has always evoked an essential hunger in my life; words and ideas, a vital form of sustenance. This hunger drives me to create, and inspire others to create.

Editing & Writing Services

Adrea holds a B.A (Honours) in Theatre Studies, and minored in Media Studies (Latrobe University, Melbourne). She has also participated in numerous creative writing workshops, as well as Copy-writing and Structural Editing (short course) with Nicolas Di Tempora (C.A.E. – 2015).

Adrea has committed herself to a myriad of writing (ad)ventures over her lifetime. These include theatre reviewing for a Melbourne street Press magazine (Beat), reading manuscripts for a feminist press, and publicity work for two iconic Melbourne theatre venues: La Mama Theatre and Chapel off Chapel.

Developmental Editing

Adrea offers developmental editing of your fiction manuscripts, short stories or poems. Non-fiction work may also be considered.

After many years interpreting play-texts as a theatre director, Adrea is now fusing those skills with her writing expertise via developmental editing with other writers. She employs conventional text-based methods and more unconventional “off-the-map” creative approaches, often designed specifically for her clients to bring out deeper layers of the work in progress.

Let Adrea assist you to enhance your writing voice, and:

  • Ensure that your work lifts powerfully off the page into the imagination of the reader, with particular attention to the opening chapter.
  • Define and strengthen the narrative spine; assist you to write into any narrative gaps.
  • Write well what you mean, not almost what you mean.
  • Develop characters, and ensure cohesion between inner thoughts and outer actions.
  • Evaluate and workshop relevant literary devices where appropriate.
  • Ensure pace of individual scenes reflects action and atmosphere.
  • Transform clichés into opportunities for your unique authorial voice and style to emerge.
  • Identify unhelpful writing habits, such as repetitive sentence structure, and stretch you to write more compelling, engaging prose.
  • Unearth latent themes, imagery and metaphors, and enhance those already present.

Her first major book editing project, Cautionary Tales: Voices from the Edges  by Emmanuelle de Maupassant has been attracting five-star reviews. A collection of dark & delicious imaginings, Cautionary Tales explores Eastern European superstitions and demons.

If you are interested in having Adrea work with you, and receiving a free exploratory consultation, please feel at liberty to contact her with any queries here. Or for more information on her working process and her Sample Edit Promotional Offer, come this way.

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Other Writing Services

  • Copy-Editing

  • Creative Writing Coaching & other Creative Consulting Services

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Adrea’s editing schedule is fully booked for novel / novella projects until May, 2017. She is, however, currently taking bookings  to commence with longer projects from June 2017 onwards. She is still also accepting bookings /enquiries for works of 12,000 words and below.

Due to the occasional changing needs of her clients, and the often unpredictable nature of the publishing industry, Adrea’s schedule is sometimes subject to change, and sometimes at short notice. So, If you have a project, and you’d like to discuss it with Adrea, she is always happy to consider new enquiries.

The easiest way to clarify whether Adrea can assist you is to get in touch.

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