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Adrea is a Melbourne-based freelance author, writer, performer, editor and former stage director. She holds a BA (Hons) in theatre studies. Through her fiction and non-fiction writing, she engages with the rich diversity of feminine sexuality, focusing her sometimes subversive lens on themes of desire, fantasy, arousal and relating. Fascinated by the places where words emerge from our most physical, visceral of experiences, Adrea has written about her ‘corporeal passions’ such as dancing and working as an artist’s model  – and inevitably this fascination with where language emerges ‘from the body’ lead her to writing about sex and desire – in its many permutations between the dark and the light.

In my erotica writing, I reach for a tryst between the truth of sensation and the tease of imagination. I’m engaged in translating the sensations of sex into imagery, in a way which will transmute back though the body of the reader into arousal. “




Author Credits

Adrea’s erotic short stories, flash fiction and poetry and have appeared in various anthologies. You may find her work in Coming Together: In Verse (2015)  Licked (House of Erotica 2015), The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 13, and in A Storytelling of Ravens (Little Raven 2014).

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Her provocative flash fiction and  wicked short stores have also featured online at DirtyLittleNos_Cover2Bright Desire, For the Girls, Little Raven and her work has made regular appearances for the infamous fiction gallery of the Erotica Readers and Writers Association (2012 – 2015).


Adrea’s shorter stories first appeared in online anthologies Little Raven II (2013) and Dirty Little Numbers (Go Deeper Press, 2013)In another guise, her creative essay on the life model has also appeared in Etchings literary journal (2013).

Currently she is working on her first collection of themed erotic short stories Watching You Watching Me and a novella which re-imagines a Greek myth from a postmodern feminist perspective..


Editing & Writing Services

Currently, Adrea works with other authors as a Developmental Editor, Copy-Editor and a Creative Concept Consultant.

You can find out more about these services here.




Formerly a stage director, actor, physical theatre performer and sound designer, Adrea is now focused on fusing her erotic fiction, poetry and spoken word material with her love of performance.

Adrea in "Love is the Bind"

Adrea in ‘Love is the Bind’

Adrea has been a Feature Performer at numerous events centred around celebrating sexuality and the erotic arts across Melbourne. Most recently, she performed her erotic poetry in Love is the Bind as part of Midsumma Festival (2015),  showcasing Shibari performers, queer tango and erotic texts. She also featured in Velvet Tongue (2015): an erotic spoken word Soiree, hosted by Where the Wild Things Are in collaboration with Little Raven.


She’s performed her erotic fiction via Dirty Deeds readings as part of Ozkinkfest (2014), Mother Tongue: Women Speak (2013, 2014), and at one of Melbourne’s most well-known alternative lifestyle clubs: Abode (2013).

In 2013, Adrea also created Between the Sheets an erotic arts “Salon”    featuring erotica performers, erotic artwork, dark Burlesque, naughty but nice interactive guest games, and an open mic. (She somehow managed to be MC and a Feature Performer for the evening, and all that in a corset) She hopes to be able to curate more nights Between the Sheets in the future.

An appreciater of the aural allure of erotic texts, a new dimension to her performance work is her ongoing project of translating her various works into audio-fiction, here and on other sites.


In 2012, Adrea was part of the volunteer crew for the first Sex Camp (a weekend sexuality & lifestlyle fesival now called Celebrating Sexuality). As part of the event and workshops on offer, Adrea facillitated Exploring Sexual Fantasiesan experiential workshop using exploratory writing, movement, visualization, and partner and group exercises to enable participants to delve into and share their fantasies and “secret sexual selves”.  She’s brewing possibiiies to offer a series based on this pilot workshop in the future.

I do love Corsets & Black Lace

I do love Corsets & Black Lace

Intrigued by both the transcendent and transgressive aspects of sexuality, Adrea has pursued an interest in Tantra through personal practice, workshops and study, sparked by her realization that she was multi-orgasmic in her mid-twenties.  Her initial intent to enhance this discovery soon led to an appreciation of all aspects of Tantra – particularly its synergy of sexuality, ritual and spirituality. Her interest in psychology and its link to the  ‘sexual selves’ we keep hidden away have more recently led her to venture into her own personal Underworld through exploring kink and BDSM. If pressed, she would define herself as predominantly Tantric with a hint of kink – but she believes that labels can be limiting, anyway.

She has a thing  for corsets and unusual suspender belts – so if you want to send her either in appreciation for her erotic fiction, her postal address is – only kidding. As my own p.a. that could get us both into trouble.

Erotica reveals the links between our inner psychological desires, our motivations and our sexual actions. Erotica writes into those areas of the human psyche that some other genres gloss over and shy away from.”                                        ~ Adrea Kore


To discover more, suggest a collaboration or guest appearance, or to connect elsewhere with Adrea, visit her at:

https://www.facebook.com/adrea.kore        https://twitter.com/adrea_kore

“Erotica asks complex questions about consent, personal limits and relationships. And it doesn’t just ask these questions of the characters. It asks them of the reader, also. ”                                      ~Adrea Kore


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  1. I “met” you via a comment you made in Blogging 201. As promised I have stopped by. You got me on 9 Writing Rituals. I’m looking forward to spending more time on your site and with your writing.

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  2. Welcome Laura. What a gorgeous compliment for my “Nine Writing Rituals” piece. 🙂 I’m doing some editing for a client today – but I’ll be back into the forum soon and will have a chance to check out your blog.. Happy Blogging 201! 🙂


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