This wall is where I stage
My surrender; this hard embrace cool
against nipples and hips
and the heat of you – behind me
Breath on my neck,
though I did not hear you enter.

Let the wall be my backbone
as I give up gravity to you
My wrists, rebel captives
in your fingers of rope;
pulses beating like the breasts
of hunted birds

Your heat melts me
Your want takes me
and my knees forget how to stand
Held in this threshold place
between the wall and your weight
Between refusal and acquiescence

You turn my hips to clash with yours
Your tongue and teeth interrogate secrets
Embedded long ago in arteries and skin,
forcing forth a staccato litany
of savage confessions;
Erupting outside of language

You, my rigorous interpreter, find me out
I am gone in a liquid cascade; my edges
dissolved in the ecstasy
that you catch in your palm
Cupped to your mouth, then mine
The taste sweet, clear, as lychee nectar

Then, you set my wrists free
in a flutter about your neck
Intone cunning promises
of imminent release
Wind my hair about your knuckles,
and take your plunder


~ © Adrea Kore 2013)
(Not to be reproduced or reprinted, in part
or in whole, without permission of the author)

Would you prefer if I whispered in your ear? (Go below for the audio-version)

To 'Threshold' by Adrea Kore

Listen …

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7 thoughts on “Threshold”

  1. this is lava, so lovely!!!

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  2. Absolutely adore this piece, Adrea! I’ll be writing up some thoughts on it in my Reading Diary on my blog. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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