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I’ve been a little quiet here this week. But I am working away on several article ideas to amuse and provoke you – to be posted soon. The first will be on sexual fantasies – and how acknowledging and exploring them creatively can make us feel more authentic, empowered and sexually fulfilled. Erotic writing is definitely one way. but I also discuss different levels and modes in which you can explore. With yourself, but also with your intimate others, outlining ways that can minimise the scary, heighten the sexy.

I feel fortunate to have had a weekend brimful with the erotic. I saw a wonderful exhibition on the theme of the “Nude” – featuring six women artists and their stunning, creative interpretations of the naked human form. As a life model myself, I have a particular curiosity towards studies of the nude. One of these artists was my friend Amanda Kennedy, and I feel excited to know such inspiring fellow creative women, who are exploring the feminine through different creative modes. The exhibiton was followed by a delicious dinner out with a group from the exhibiton – enjoying the voluptuousness of wine, adventurous conversation, and the delights of mexican food in a star-canopied courtyard.

The following evening my amour and I went to see a new Australian arthouse film on sex in relationships called “The Little Death”, directed by Josh Lawson. This film was less overtly sexy than darkly humourous, but there were certainly moments of the erotic, particlularly in the provocative topics it was exploring. Coming up will also be a piece where I discuss this film in more detail.

My weekend made me think about how we, in the midst of the hustle-bustle busy-ness that is default mode for so many of us – how do we go about creating space for and enhancing the erotic in the everyday? Appreciating and developing our inherent sensuality makes living so much richer. Focusing on how our senses interpret the world and make us feel actually brings us into the present moment, stops us from distracting concerns about the future or the past. Gives us a sense of well-being. Isn’t that part of why good sex, is – well – so good for us?

So, what about you? How do you find your erotic in the everyday? Is it time to make a little more love to your senses?

Stay tuned …   Meanwhile – a little meme of mine – from my writings on the erotic. Reveal w erotic quote